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Everybody Code Now! Is a non-profit organization that works to empower the next generation of leaders in computing to transform their future and help lead their communities towards a new era of technical expertise and entrepreneurship from exposure to basic programming skills. Through Everybody Code Now’s various camps, workshops, and mentorship opportunities, Everybody Code Now shows students that with determination, hard work, and a couple lines of code, the future is theirs for the making.

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Swetha Prabakaran

Founder and CEO

Before her freshman year of high school, Swetha had no idea what Computer Science entailed and never imagined that one day she’d be teaching kids to code. However, she took a Java class as a ninth grader and hasn’t looked back since.
Currently, a junior at Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology(TJHSST), Swetha takes application development courses and hopes to work in her school’s Mobile and Web Application Development Laboratory during her senior year and major in CS in college. She loves using technology to benefit the community, but loves inspiring students to do the same even more!
Swetha is an active member of her school's Model UN Team and chapter of FBLA, and is also a member of the swim team. She has been learning Bharathanatyam, a form of classical South Indian dance, for more than half of her life. In her free time, Swetha loves listening to music, reading, baking, and making really bad puns.

Shannon Yan

CSS Chicas Director

Born in the heart of Silicon Valley, Shannon Yan was always surrounded by computer science but didn’t realize her passion for it until her sophomore year of high school when she took an Intro to Computing class. Inspired by influential women such as Sheryl Sandberg and Reshma Saujani, she quickly dove into the field and started coding her own projects whenever she had the chance. What fascinates her most about programming is that anyone who learns to code instantly has the opportunity to create a positive change in the world as well as gains the ability to enable and empower others. As national director of CSS Chicas, she hopes to pay it forward by enabling other girls her age to discover their love for coding and in the process better their communities as well. In the near future, Shannon hopes to start her own tech company in Silicon Valley geared towards providing internet and computer access to people in developing countries and to show young women that anyone can be a CEO. In her free time, Shannon loves kickboxing, reading self-help novels, dancing to her favorite Taylor Swift songs, competing in SWAT competitions, and serving as captain of her high school’s cheerleading team!

Kimberly Don

Director of Design

Kimberly Do is a sophomore at her school's International Baccalaureate Program. In middle school, she self-studied HTML and CSS as she began to nurture her growing fascination for computer science. Eventually, as she entered high school, she advocated for computer science programs at her school, joined science, robotics, and math clubs, and won an Affiliate Award from the NCWIT. These days, she dabbles in web design and illustration whenever she isn't busy with a variety of club activities.

Yashwee Kothari

CodeLeaders Director

Yashwee is a sophomore at Morris County School of Technology in the Academy of Computer and Information Sciences. Her interest in computer science first began in 7th grade in her Robotics class. Yashwee is proficient in Java, HTML and CSS. Whenever she has time, she loves to code websites and programs. Yashwee is the co-Founder and Director of her school’s first hackathon, hackMCST, and is also 2015 and 2016 New Jersey NCWIT Affiliate Award Recipient. As the national director of CodeLeaders, Yashwee aspires to make CodeLeaders a program where not only can students learn, but also have the opportunities to show their skills. She hopes that this program will help engender a community of programmers around the nation and help today’s students become the CodeLeaders of tomorrow. In her free time, Yashwee enjoys listening to music, watching movies, or surfing the internet.

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